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Types Of Everlasting Rest

Types of Everlasting Rest is collection of short stories, many of them award winners. From Italy’s volcanoes to the Russian steppe, to the fate of Boy Scouts in Czechoslovakia during the Second World War, these short stories are filled with intriguing historical backgrounds, and the fascination of the macabre.

Laden with sumptuous detail, each story leads the reader directly into the compelling and sometimes bizarre inner worlds of her fascinating characters.

"Powerful stuff ... the mood is dark, occasionally shot through with flashes of lightning .. worth savouring. Clio Gray is an uncommonly interesting writer. One wonders, expectantly, what she will do next."

The Scotsman


Here are the titles of the story in the anthology.
Click the links below to read extracts from a few.

To hear the author reading them for you, please go to the Home Page and click on Audio Extracts....

    I Should Have Listened Harder - Read 
    BP’s Boys - Read Extract
    Nil Sorski and the Walrus - Read Extract
    The Dog at the Crossroads - Read Extract 
    Message from Asinara - Read Extract
    The Boot-Tree Man - Read Extract
    Under the Ybb, and Over
  The Insanity of Sheep
  Always Keep Your Shovel Sharp
  Hinklemann Hits the Cellar
  Stepping on Seals
  Across the Azov
  Of Phlegrean Fields
  Private Makar Makes Promotion
  The Damascene Cure
  The Rake-Maker’s Garden
  Hunting Ghosts
  Crossing the Blue Beyond
  Types of Everlasting Rest

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